XXA - Architecture Projects:
NanoCity   The Great Egyptian Museum   CMES small   Egyptian Embassy Berlin
Haryana, India

  The Grand Egyptian Museum
Guiza, Egypt

  Center for Middle Eastern Studies
UC Berkeley, California
  Egyptian Embassy
Berlin, Germany
Hadaik Towers Cairo   Four Sails Resort   Dar Al-Kuttub Library   SamarKand Urban Revitalization, Uzbekistan
Cairo, Egypt
  Four Sails Resort
South Hurghada, Red-Sea, Egypt
  Dar Al-Kuttub Library
Cairo, Egypt
  Samarkand Urban Revitalization, Ulugh Beg Cultural Center
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Bibliotheca Alexandrina   House of Names   Half Moon Bay - Damman, Saudi Arabia   Villa in Mohandeseen
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
The New Library, Alexandria, Egypt
  House of names
Albany, California
  Hotel & Summer Resort Complex
Half Moon Bay, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  Villa Mohandeseen
Guiza, Egypt
Apartment Building in Cairo   Core Housing    
A Five-Story Residential Apartment Building
Shubra, Cairo, Egypt
  A Core Housing Project
Tenth of Ramadan, Egypt